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Raffi Donoian, a native of New England, cultivated his deep-rooted passion for music from a tender age. His initial foray into the realm of melodies commenced with piano lessons guided by his mother, followed by honing his skills with the clarinet within the confines of his school band. Simultaneously, he embarked upon a self-taught journey with the guitar, continuously refining his craft.


Despite his lifelong involvement with music, it was during his time at the University of Rhode Island that Raffi's formal music education commenced in earnest. There, he pursued a degree in music performance, specializing in classical guitar under the tutelage of instructors John Dennewitz and Mychal Gendron. This program provided Raffi with the necessary foundation to elevate his musical prowess and delve deeper into the intricacies of his chosen instrument.

During his time as a student, Raffi actively participated in numerous musical ensembles at the University of Rhode Island, including the URI Guitar Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, University Chorus, and the Opera Workshop’s rendition of Die Fledermaus where he showcased his vocal talents. His multifaceted musical education extended to engaging in master classes conducted by distinguished guitarists such as Oscar Ghiglia, Scott Tennant, Marco Tamayo, and Michael Chapdelaine at the prestigious New England Conservatory.


Following his graduation, Raffi embarked on a career as a local educator, offering private lessons to aspiring musicians. Notably he contributed his expertise at the Wheeler School where he assumed various roles including directing guitar and handbell ensembles, teaching general music to first grade students, and was even recognized as one of the distinguished teachers of the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program in 2017. Outside of academia, Raffi’s musical prowess graced numerous stages across New England, both as a solo guitarist and in collaboration with fellow guitarist Jared Maynard. He has also lent his talents to musical groups such as the Boston Guitar Ensemble, the Providence Mandolin Orchestra, the jazz ensemble People of the Way, and the band Natále.


Raffi’s latest musical venture has led him to the expansive online world of live streaming embracing the platform known as Twitch. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a musician and educator, Raffi skillfully curates diverse musical content encompassing solo classical guitar works, accompanied singing of popular songs, improvisations on both piano and guitar, and insightful analyses of musical compositions accompanied by discussions on music theory and principles of composition.

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